Midway's Campout/Cookout will begin this year on Thursday, September 13th 2018 with the Thursday night service out at the camp. It will run from Thursday evening until Saturday afteroon with all of the usual preaching, cooking out, camping and other activities. Be sure to join us!

The Midway Campout/Cookout as we call it started some years ago when we got together as a church family one September at the mission property in Stuarts Draft with our guns (all legal) and had a friendly shooting competition. Later, we added a lunch to the shooting and soon volleyball and other games followed the lunch. As the years went on, we started having supper on Friday evening, a message from the preacher, then testimonies and coffee around a bonfire. Church people began camping out there at the mission property making it a weekend event. Later as the other churches heard about our services and competition, they started joining in, bringing in groups from their churches, camping out with us. The event soon became a retreat for husbands and wives, giving them a time to spend together. The campout/cookout/shootout shifted to Thursday afternoon with different games and activities for the married couples as well as for children (who are babysat with by volunteers) and for teens in attendance. The couples can paddleboat together, take walks or just spend some needed time together while the kids and teens have activities of their own. A service is held on Thursday evening there on the mission property, meals are served beginning with supper on Thursday and ending with lunch on Saturday. Different preachers are called on to preach also on Friday with messages geared toward married couples exclusively in special private services so that issues that the Bible deals with regarding a man and his wife can be dealt with in an appropriate setting otherwise impractical with younger people present. Many have received great help from these messages and the bonding that takes place in this "retreat" type setting.

On Saturday, there are crafts, corn toss, horse shoes and other activities for all to enjoy, then it's back to the dining hall for a nice lunch together.


Look forward to seeing you there!