Midway Camp Rules 2023

Primary, Junior and Teen Camp July 3rd 6th

Pastors - Please review ALL of these rules with your campers and their parents BEFORE they pack for camp.

The purpose of Midway Christian camps has been since 1983 to reach our young people for Jesus and to provide a special place for churched young people to get away from worldly influences and have a great time.

We always place the emphasis on Spiritual things and firmly believe here at the camp that our young people can keep all our Biblical standards and have a real good, clean time. Please use discretion in whom you bring "off the streets". Evangelistic revival services at church would be a better place to try to get these kids saved.

All campers WILL conform to the following:

*Christian behavior at all times. No worldly or disrespectful language or actions.

*No ungodly clothes. This includes but is not limited to: shorts, pants on girls, tube tops, tank tops, tight or revealing tops, skirts with any splits, tight form fitting clothing, worldly advertisements or slogans. Violators will be sent to the dorms to change or be sent home.

*Boys and girls.- Clothing should completely cover from your neck to below your knee.

*Bring a robe or large towel to go between dorm and swimming area.

*NO uncovered swim suits allowed. Girls swim in DARK skirt or culottes. Boys in knee length cutoffs and tee shirts.

*Separate swim times for boys and girls.

*For water games, dress to get soaking wet and still not show. (Dark clothing like you would wear for a baptism service in front of the church congregation!)

*Write your name on all of your belongings! ! !

*Do not bring valuables, electronics, radios, CD's, tape players ,CELL PHONES, or weapons.

*No phone calls in or out except for emergencies, and then approved by Mrs. Owen

*Bring enough clothes to completely change 2 times per day. You'll need swim clothes, water game clothes, play clothes and night church clothes, comfortable walking  shoes, personal toiletry items, towels, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, DEODORANT, sleeping bag or bed sheet/blanket, pillow, bug spray, King James Bible and a very good attitude !

*Leave valuables and grumpy spirits at home.!

*Bring money for the concession stand. (Be real...$2 won't do for the week!!!

Have campers here by 10:30 Monday morning and be here to pick them by 11:30 Friday
We pick teams Monday and you are not fair to your camper or the teams by being late!

Parents, friends and family are invited and encouraged to attend night services 7 PM.


Midway Bible Baptist Church
29 Midway Lane
Fishersville, VA. 22939

540-943-3064 - Pastor