Missionaries that we currently support and their field

Missionary Field
Jerry Alford Venezuela
Beams Bible Ministry  
Todd Bell Maine
Frank Caceres Spanish Baptist Ministries
Dr. Jerry McDonald, Jr. Calvary Baptist Ministry - Eufaula, OK
John Caudle Canada
Todd Caudle Canada
Brad Collingwood Phillipines
Travis Clayton Mableton, GA
David Gibbs Christian Law Association
J. E. Glass Calhoun, GA
Don Hardman Midway Bible Baptist Church Missions
Charles Henderson Spanish In Georgia, USA
Alex James Chile
Richard Johnson New York
Robert Johnston Haiti
James Kennard Military Ministries
Olen King King Family Ministries
Francis Landingin Cambodia
Bob Mitchell Maine
Ted Mullins Veteran Missions - Papau, New Guinea
Andy Nissley Canada
Jimmy Odom  
Frank Raddish Capitol Hill Baptist Ministries
Andrew Schank Blair, NE
Chris Shull Greenland
Rudy Stembridge Word For The World Baptist Ministries
Terry Thrun Samoa
Joyce Todd Africa
Victorious Valley Homes Sunset, SC
David Warner Selby, SD
Mike White Russia
Don Whitlock Asian Outreach Ministries
Herbert Williamson Mt. Eden, KY
Ronald Williams Hephzibah House Home for Girls