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Are We Born Sinners?

Bro. Mike Miller

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Are We Born Sinners?


The tone of this article may seem rather harsh at times, but I feel that it needs to be. Be it known that I am not attacking people, but I am attacking what I believe with all my heart to be a false doctrine. I do not imagine that everyone who believes in original sin is unsaved or ungodly. I personally know many dear brethren who, I believe with all my heart, love God supremely and serve Him in holiness, but yet preach this (false) doctrine. I have observed that most of them have never given it any serious thought or study – they are just repeating what they have been taught and heard all their lives. So please don’t take personal offense at this article. It is not intended to hurt the feelings of people but to “contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.” It is intended to stir you up and get you to study and take an honest look into this matter in the light of the Word of God.

What is at stake is too important! We must get it right! “Make straight the way of the Lord!” We just can’t be slothful and careless with the souls of men, so please read and consider this challenge to what has become the foundation of modern Christianity.

Are We Born Sinners?

So you believe all men are born sinners? That is the foundation from which you build all your other doctrines. Rejoice, because you have plenty of company. This doctrine is the common thread among all the cults, including Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Catholic Church, and Calvinists. It is the common ground for evolutionists and Christians who believe it. It was a major factor in many of Sigmund Freud’s misguided ideas that have done so much to guide the world away from God and his Word. The world uses the idea of original sin as a basis for the excuses and explanations for evil and excess. It is the best excuse men have ever come up with for their sin. It has done more to encourage men to continue in sin than any idea ever conceived.

The cult known as Jehovah’s Witnesses are famous for not allowing blood transfusions. The reason is because they believe sin is in the blood and will be transferred to them if they take someone else’s blood. The Catholic Church baptizes infants because they believe they are born guilty of Adam’s sin and will go to hell if they die without having those sins washed away by baptism. All of Calvinism is pretty much summed up in one word – “inability” and according to their logic, it is a result of being born sinful. Take away the doctrine of original sin and Calvinism has no foundation for its major doctrines. We are hearing from the humanistic world now that sodomites were “born that way.” Drunkards were “born that way.” Now we are hearing the same explanation for people who are fat, or who are thieves, or child molesters, or perverts, and on and on. Recently there was an article in the news proclaiming that the tendency to be religious is also a result of your genetic makeup. In other words, you inherit that trait physically from your parents and therefore you can’t help it if you are religious or not. That ought to make the Calvinists happy – the humanists believe just like they do!

Therefore, original sin is the common ground for humanists, evolutionists, psychiatrists, and most modern denominations of Christianity. They all believe that the physical body is the source of all the problems. You are what you are because of your genetic makeup. You do what you do because you are preprogrammed from conception.

Of all the damnable, deceitful, dirty lies that devil has deceived mankind with through the years, the doctrine of original sin must be his masterpiece! It has ruined more souls, destroyed more churches, put out more fires of revival, and quenched the working of the Holy Spirit more than any other doctrine that has ever entered the minds of men. It has undermined the true gospel message and rendered it impotent. It has turned the reality of salvation through Christ into a mere form of religion and the multitudes have embraced it. It has made the church and its message a mockery before the world.

It is illogical and unscriptural! It is unthinkable! It is amazing that men of sound minds could swallow such a load of deceit and nonsense! It is obvious that this is the work of the great deceiver. It is also evidence that sin truly does cause depravity in man. Anyone honest person who knows anything about the Bible and who hasn’t been exposed to this horrendous doctrine automatically rejects it when they hear it for the first time. It is so preposterous that even a child will reject it. The very idea that newborn infants are guilty sinners while they have no knowledge of good and evil and no ability to reason or make choices flies in the face of the very nature of every person on earth – saved or lost! That a just God will cast these infants into hell if they die is an abomination to every sensible human being! There really are those who preach such nonsense, but you can rest assured that if they preached this at the funeral of an infant, there would not be one single person there who would believe it, no matter how many doctrinal books they lay out to prove it.

This perverted doctrine denies the justice of God. It removes the responsibility for sin from the sinner, but worse than that, it places that responsibility on God himself. What blasphemy! It confuses the definition of sin and presents it as something completely different than it is in reality. It is an outright lie because it teaches that sin is a substance passed through the genes, and particularly, the blood of our physical bodies. It makes sin a NATURAL thing and it certainly is NOT. God did not create man to sin, so it is completely UN-NATURAL. This can be easily understood by the natural barriers that God gave us to protect us from sin. Every sin is most difficult the first time we do it, after that it gets easier each time. For example, any kind of addiction, from tobacco, to drugs, to booze, is something you have to work at in order to develop. Your body resists these things naturally. Think of someone tasting hard whiskey for the first time. They will almost choke. Think of someone inhaling a big puff off a cigarette for the first time. He coughs, and gags, and sometimes gets physically sick. But if you do it again, and again, you will eventually overcome that natural resistance and truly develop an un-natural desire for something. That desire is not what God created you with, but it is of your own making. Sin is anything but natural – it is completely un-natural.

This hellish idea makes God the author of sin. Only the devil himself is mean enough to come up with an idea like that and make it acceptable to men who claim to love and serve God. If you are born sinful then it is of God’s doing because He is your Creator! Who doesn’t believe that? Your countenance, the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, your smile, are all designed by God himself. If you are born sinful then it is also of his doing. You can’t deny the fact that this ungodly doctrine lays the blame for sin at the feet of God himself! That alone should make you back up and think about it! That alone should make you question what you’ve been taught about this matter! If you believe this doctrine you are charging God Almighty with the sin of all mankind. You are telling Him that He is to blame for every dirty deed you have ever done and every time you have yielded to your lusts and did as you pleased against his law.

This doctrine hatched in hell has produced plenty of offspring. Why do you suppose the Catholics had to come up with the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception? The doctrine of original sin had them in a tight place. They couldn’t answer the questions about how Jesus could be born of an earthly mother and yet have a sinful nature. The only way they could do this without trashing the doctrine of original sin was to make Mary sinless, also. Now that’s a pretty difficult task if it has to be based on the Bible because the Bible plainly says that Mary went and offered her sin offerings after the birth of Christ just as she was supposed to do. They were only able to do it because they do not believe the Bible is the final authority – they believe the Catholic Church is.

All the “Bible-believers” that adhere to original sin don’t worry about answering the questions that arise, they just use their tongues to slay the ones asking the questions and mark them as “heretics.” That solves the problem for them. There are others who try to explain it by saying that sin is passed through the father’s blood and because Jesus had no earthly father he didn’t receive that sinful nature. This has all been proven to be a fairy tale and is medically and scientifically false. The baby’s blood is from both father and mother, not from just one. The sin is NOT in the blood – it is NOT a physical attribute or a substance passed from one generation to another physically!

Infant baptism is another practice that has no basis in the Word of God. It is the result, or at least in the beginning, it was the result of the false doctrine of original sin. They baptized infants to wash away their sins. Oh, not the sins they had committed, but the sins they were born with. Foolishness!

Then there are all the doctrines of Calvinism that have poisoned the waters for so many multitudes and left so many without any hope in God. Without the doctrine of original sin there would be no such thing as Calvinism or Catholicism. No one would ever get the idea that they are outside the elect and without hope. No one would ever sit on their rear end until they die and go to hell thinking there was nothing they could do but wait on God to save them through some passive faith and grace that they have no part in. It is a damnable, deceitful, and truly wicked doctrine!

This is the doctrine that has produced the idea that men cannot obey God. They are unable, even with the Spirit of God dwelling in them, to even come close to obeying the law of God. What an affront to God himself! What a mean God He must be! He made the law, then he made us unable to keep it, and sends us to hell because we can’t! I would like someone to show me just one law that we cannot keep. Where is it written? Which one is it? Some have said, “Well, that’s easy! It’s the very first one – “Thou shalt love the Lord they God with all thy heart, soul, mind, and strength. No one lives up to that one.” If someone asked you if you loved your children with all your heart, what would your answer be? I suspect you would say yes. I will just say that if you can’t honestly say you love God that much you should really consider checking up on your salvation. For most people the statement above would be enough to jar their mind into thinking clearly again. Don’t you see how this doctrine of devils has the power to warp your mind and cause you to think in a twisted way about God and your sin?

The doctrine of original sin makes many things sin that aren’t sin at all. It makes people think in such a way that they consider temptation to be the same thing as sin itself. Many poor people live in misery and defeat because they have an evil thought, and to them, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are wicked and possessed of this “sinful nature” they were born with. No matter how hard they try they cannot overcome sin. They want to do right, but cannot. When they would do good, they do evil anyway. The strange thing is that when they got saved they quit cursing, they quit drinking, they quit smoking and gambling. They quit committing fornication and started attending church and tithing. They overcame SOME sin, but can’t overcome others. What is this sin that they can’t seem to overcome? It is their thoughts. They think if they have a bad thought they have sinned. How ridiculous! Thoughts precede actions. Temptation is always in the mind BEFORE sin is committed. To think a thought and cast it aside is NOT sin. You are NOT guilty until you dwell on that thought and start planning and plotting to carry it out in action. What freedom many people could know if they simply would understand the difference between temptation and sin! Remember, Christ himself was TEMPTED IN ALL POINTS LIKE AS WE ARE – yet He was without sin.

The zealous proponents of this doctrine of devils try to prove it by pointing to an infant crying for its mother and calling that sin. Wow! That should bring up a red flag to anyone who is thinking! That child is innocent and as pure as the driven snow. He has no evil thoughts! He has no depraved thinking! He is not lying there and thinking about how he can deceive his mother! He is simply reaching out for help in the only way available to him – crying. There is nothing sinful about wanting to be in the arms of his mother. There is nothing sinful about being hungry or needing a diaper changed! What kind of a mind calls this sin? Think about it!

Allow me to point something out to you. The same kind of mind that calls this infant’s crying a sin will call other things in adults simply “Christian liberty.” Isn’t that amazing? We have no right to call things sin when Christ gave us “liberty” but they charge an innocent infant with sin and he has no defense. We’re to the point now where fornication is considered “Christian liberty” by many. Hellish music is “Christian liberty.” Dirty habits that abuse your body, ruin your testimony, and dishonor God are “Christian liberty,” and a baby crying for his mother proves that we are born sinful and uttering lies. How can anyone possibly believe such as that?

Right now you probably have a number of questions running through your mind. Asking questions is natural when you are challenged about something you have embraced as truth. I believe there are reasonable, scriptural answers to your questions. I would also say that if you intend to stake out your ground in original sin, then you have a boatload of questions to answer yourself. However, you are going to find yourself in a real predicament because you can’t answer those questions unless you give up the falsehood of original sin, or cast the Word of God aside.

That only leaves the option of attacking those who have challenged you to think. I hope you won’t do that, but that you will consider these things and truly seek the mind of God through the Word of God on this matter.


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