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Imagine a World Without a Television

Bro. Mike Miller

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I was looking at a photograph of my great-great grandpa and I began to think about how different his world was from the world I live in now. One of the first things I thought of was he never saw or heard of a television. He never spent one evening or one minute of his life staring at a screen with his mind in neutral while someone else pumped their philosophy and foolishness into it. Imagine what a different world it would be if there were not a single television on the face of the earth. If you came into any town, anywhere, you would find the people passing their time in other things, the way they used to before this wonderful invention arrived to plague mankind and corrupt the entire human race in the space of one generation. If the weather were warm they would be sitting on their front porch doing things like reading, crocheting, singing, whittling, or actually talking with the rest of their own family! The non-stop noise and music of commercials and beginnings and endings of programs would be missing and in it's place would be the sound of birds singing and frogs crocking, or crickets singing. You might hear the little children playing their make-believe games that kids do when they aren't mesmerized by a television.

If you struck up a conversation with someone you would find out right away that they are actually able to think and carry on an intelligent conversation that isn't full of some filth or far-out nonsense they heard from some pervert on the Oprah Winfrey show. Not only that, but they would have time to talk to you and would actually look at you while you talked instead of at the TV that is blasting across the room. You would find that most people would agree on right and wrong and many other things besides. There would not be nearly the level of profanity and blasphemy in the mouths of the people anywhere. There would not be the confusion that we see in our world now, because without a television people would have to read to find out things, and not everyone will read. But any moron will sit in front of a TV like a statue and let their mind be controlled, programmed and influenced by whoever is on the thing.

It is the Devil's pulpit and he uses it very effectively. It has the power to persuade someone to accept, as normal, something as abominable and disgusting as the sin of sodomy. It has the power to replace the good morals of someone who was raised and taught to be a lady with lower morals than those of a barnyard animal. It has the power to influence children to take knives and guns and stab and kill each other and their parents. It can convince a man to pierce his ear and wear an earring. It is able to convince people of all ages to punch and cut holes in their bodies like savages in a jungle and hang rings and pins all over themselves. No one can argue against the fact that television always glorifies stealing, lying, adultery, fornication, drinking, doping, smoking, cursing, blasphemy, and any other sin that can be imagined. At the same time, no one can argue against the fact that television always belittles and mocks at any kind of virtue or righteousness. Yet to find a television in a home that professes to be "Christian" is very much the norm - not unusual at all. It is the very center of the activities in these homes as well. It is much more poisonous than a deadly viper, yet it is more welcome in the home than the Word of God, the pastor of the church, or the Lord himself. It is the teacher of the children and the instructor of Mom and Dad. It is what tells them how to dress, what to do for fun, what to buy, where to go on vacation, what to eat, and how stupid that preacher at the church is. The television tells them which public figures to like and which ones to hate. Invariably, any public figure who makes any kind of stand for righteousness and against the wickedness of our day is one who is to be despised and hated, and he or she is attacked unmercifully until they are destroyed. One the other hand, those who are held in high esteem, envied by everyone, and looked up to as role models for the children, are always immoral, filthy mouthed, disease-riddled perverts, with earrings in their ears and noses, and a lifestyle that would make an animal ashamed to identify with them.

Is it any wonder that our world is in the awful mess it is in? Where is the salt of the earth? Why, they are sitting in front of their televisions, just like the rest of the world. If they're not in front of the TV you will probably find them in the video section at the supermarket or drive by the video rental store you will see them there elbowing their way through the crowd fighting for the same husks that the devil feeds his children with. What an influence they are! What a testimony! They have lost their savor and are good for NOTHING. The world would be better off with NO witness than a witness like that.

Imagine how much more effective the church would be if there were no televisions. We could announce a meeting and people would actually come. They wouldn't be sitting in their houses hypnotized by the devil's eyeball from the moment they walk in the door until they go to bed. They would actually enjoy getting out and socializing with other people and listening to someone who would challenge their mind and encourage them to do right instead of wrong. But those days are gone. This world seems to be under the total control of the devil now, and the church is going right along with him, and offering very little resistance. Missionaries are coming home by the droves and churches are closing all over. The arms of the church that used to reach out to the world are being drawn in like the legs of a spider that has just been swatted and is dying. For those who refuse to drink of the devil's cup and eat at his table, it is going to be rough from here on out. Sometimes I wish I could have been born a hundred years earlier and lived in the world the way it always was until 40 - 50 years ago, but then it occurs to me that mine eyes will surely see the coming of the Lord. "Lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh."

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