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Why Do Men Sin?

Pastor Richard Owen

Lets reason for a while on this subject of a sinful nature and why men sin. I believe this doctrine affects all other doctrines, so we need to take a long, sober look at it. I'll pose some questions and then answer them as we go along.
  • Can man be both a sinner by choice and a sinner by nature?
  • Can a man have two natures at the same time?
  • What is the principle that causes man to sin?
  • Is the atonement limited as to it's power to deal with ALL sin?
  • Is sin physical, and if it is what does that force us to believe?
  • Are men born sinners?
  • If men are born sinners are they born a particular type of sinner while there are other types caused by association?

First allow me to address this thought of sinner by choice and of sinner by physical birth. If I understand this right it is a oxymoron to say that a man can be both. If I'm a sinner by nature what choice do I have? How oft do we hear preachers say that it's the nature of a hog to wallow in the mud and the nature of sheep to resist the mud. Oh I guess, as some teach, you can have two natures at the same time. Problem is, I've never read in God's word where one of his children was addressed as both. Also, if I'm a sinner by nature what happened to my free will? I didn't give Adam the right to represent me like the Calvinists do! The way I see it, if I have to choose to let Christ be my head how did Adam become my head without my say? Guess we just have to agree with the Catholic Father Augustine and believe we lost it all in the garden - lost our spirit AND our will to choose. If that be so then I'm not a sinner by choice, I lost that right in my Calvinist Federal head Adam.

Now the question arises as to why Adam sinned, or why did Eve sin. She didn't have Adam's nature. Reckon the angels that fell after the rebellion led by Satan had Adam's nature? Did Adam make a choice or was he forced to sin? What was in Adam that made him willfully sin against light? I believe that he sinned because the same principle was in him that is in all of us. Here lies the basic truth that causes all men, women, boys, and girls to sin. It's not a physical nature that cannot be atoned for or dealt with, it is a principle in all of us that the Bible address often.

I'll be back and deal with this some more. - Pastor Owen

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