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Bible Conference 2004

October 18-22, 2004 at Midway Bible Baptist Church

We had a great meeting this year. God blessed the preaching and his presence was felt.

We are working on transcribing the messages and will be posting them as we have them available over the next several days.

We hope they are a blessing and help.

Pastor Richard Owen, Bro. Mike Miller, Pastor Steve Congdon, Pastor Bob Boan, and Bro. John Tilley were the speakers.

Messages from the Meeting

Sunday Morning Idolatry - Bro. Mike Miller (Posted 11/9/2004)
Sunday Evening

Beware Lest Any Man Spoil You - Bro. Mike Miller (11/29/2004)

Monday Evening From Birth to the New Birth - Bro. John Tilley (Posted 11/6/2004)

How Can Professing Christians Live In Sin? - Pastor Richard Owen (Posted 11/18/2004)

Tuesday Evening

The Circumcision of the Heart - Bro. Mike Miller (12/25/2004)

Wednesday Evening Positional Truth Fallacies - Bro. Bob Boan (12/11/2004)

True Godliness - Bro. Mike Miller (11/20/2004)

Thursday Evening What It Means to Walk After the Flesh - Bro. Bob Boan (Posted 11/6/2004)
Friday Evening

That Sinning Religion - Bro. Mike Miller (Posted 10/28/2004)

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