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The Doctrine of Repentance

by Thomas Watson

A good case could be made out for believing that 'repentance' is one of the least used words in the Christian church today. In a world that will not tolerate the mention of sin, and in churches where it has been defined only in sociological terms, the biblical teaching on repentance has inevitably been ignored.

Knowing what repentance is, and actually repenting are essential to true Christianity. Jesus Christ himself said that if we do not repent, we will perish! It is vital, therefore, to read and study what Scripture has to say about this theme.

Few better guides have existed in this or any other area of spiritual experience than Thomas Watson. He was a master of both Scripture and the human heart, and wrote with a simplicity and directness that keeps his work fresh and powerful for the twentieth century.

Thomas Watson, minister of St. Stephen's, Walbrook in the seventeenth century, was one of the leading spiritual guides of his day.

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This material is provided here solely for the edification of believers and the conviction of sinners. As far we can discern, this is not copyrighted material. If you know for a fact that it is, we would appreciate being informed so that we may take the proper steps to correct it. In the mean time enjoy the blessing of reading after this man of over 400 years ago while he pours out his heart in this matter that is so neglected in our day. 2/22/97

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