Original Sin

Psalm 51: In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me

Message by Pastor Richard Owen

Must We Then Sin?

Are Men Born Sinners?

- A.T. Overstreet

From Birth to the New Birth
- Bro. John Tilley

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We realize what you read here may shock you. However, for the heart that loves God and seeks Truth we pray these materials will be the beginning of a new understanding of our great God and the awful sinfulness of man.

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Are We Born Sinners?

Part 1 - Are We Born Sinners?
Part 2 - Are All Men Sinners?
Part 3 - Are Men Prone to Sin?
Part 4 - Scriptures Used to Support Original Sin?
Part 5 - How Can We Sin Without a Sinful Nature?
Part 6 - Are We Teaching Sinless Perfection?
Part 7 - How Original Sin Affects Other Important Bible Doctrines
Part 8 - How Original Sin Affects Other Important Bible Doctrines-II
Part 9 - Spiritual Death
Part 10 - Why Anyone Should Know That Original Sin Isn't True

Other reading on the subject of original sin:

*      Apparently, even the new pope has a hard time with original sin. He is on record for saying this in 1985:

"The inability to understand 'original sin' and to make it understandable is really one of the most difficult problems of present-day theology and pastoral ministry."

*      Must We Then Sin?

*      A Darwinist explains why they agree with Original Sin

*      Read how Sigmund Freud relied on the doctrine of Original Sin for his psycho-theories that have done much to destroy our world.


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