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Updated 3/10/2004

Don't you believe that the Gospel is the power of God unto salavation? We do! We remember a different day, when the Gospel message offered real hope and deliverance to the lost sinner. Therefore, it is really discouraging to hear the Gospel message that is most commonly presented in our day. It is watered down and anemic. The best it can offer is to get you into a state where you want to do right, but can't. You know to do good, but are never able, and in fact, cannot do anything but evil, no matter how hard you try.

We believe the Gospel is MUCH more than that. Our goal is to provoke people to study and think for themselves. Maybe some troubled preacher out there will read this material, get in his Bible, and wake up. The foolishness that is being preached by the false prophets of our day needs to be questioned, proven false, and revealed. We believe that God gave men a mind to think with and that the Gospel makes sense. It is not a bunch of nonsense like we hear so much of today.

Read some of the material here and follow the links. If you love God and the Truth, it will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

Keep checking back often to see more of what we have to offer. God bless.

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