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The Sins of Augustine
Read about the father of Calvinism and Catholicism

Questions Answered About Sin and the Atonement

Why Do Men Sin?  by Pastor Richard Owen

Why Do Men Sin? Part 2 by Pastor Richard Owen

Psalm 51: In Sin Did My Mother Conceive Me
(Message byPastor Richard Owen

Allegorical Interpretation of the Scripture - can it lead to error? Read this by Spurgeon:
On Spiritualizing - C.H. Spurgeon

Power From on High - Charles G. Finney

Directions for Hating Sin - by Richard Baxter

Moral Insanity - Charles G. Finney

Provoking Thoughts Conference October 18-22, 2004

The Sin of Fretfulness
-very relevant message for the wicked day in which we live

Imagine a World Without a Televison