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We believe God's people are a holy people, separated from the world, and manifesting the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. We also believe and use only the King James Bible.


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Thought I'd toss around this subject of Deception as it is mentioned quite often in God's Word.

Most of the time when it's referring to people being deceived the word is 4105 in Strong’s Concordance. It means to (roam from safety, truth or virtue. Also to err, be seduced, wander, be out of the way.) There are various ways in which people are deceived, and even at times they deceive themselves. To be deceived carries the idea of being lied to and believing it to be the truth. It is very difficult to convince anyone that someone has tricked them into believing a lie, or that they have been led astray. It's a very tricky game the master deceiver, the devil plays daily on the minds of people that he can attract their attention. He is the father of liars and is experienced in the art.

The particular type of deception I'm thinking about today is self-deception. I can't say what role the devil plays in this sort of beguiling of self, but I'm sure he has a hand in it. I'm convinced that he is able to give us a pat on the back or some sort of assurance that we're right in our line of thinking.

In the book of James it tells us that if we see ourselves in the mirror of God's Word and continue on as if we didn't notice the fault we have seen, failed to acknowledge it, we have deceived ourselves.

Ever wonder what the average person does with the, “in your face” faults that the Bible reveals to them?  Maybe the game of making excuses begins, or denial that it is really them that has that problem in their life. Often a message is preached and the heads nod in agreement, some even say amen, but the change in behavior never seems to come about. If you ask the congregation if they are right with God after a strong massage on sin, and the Holy Spirit has dealt with many; pray tell me what they have said to their convicted conscience that there is no response. Has the devil tapped them on the shoulder and said, wait till later so no one will know you have that problem and you can secretly get it right? Wonder how many walk in the light if the truth were really known. Oh well, just some possible thoughts on how we all might be deceiving ourselves. No wonder the warning is given so often.           

Pastor Owen


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